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    Weekend Warm Up
    5-27-18 11:00 am - Church of the Guiding Light
    Let's Walk!

    We will start with the Resevoir Trail and work our way through the trails around the park perimeter (30 min, 1-1.5 miles). There will be an optional second round. We will begin walking promptly at 9:30a.m.

    Don Tequila, formerly Rancho Alegre
    5-27-18 11:00 am - Church of the Guiding Light
    The Columbus Spanish Language Meetup

    Ask the host/hostess where the Spanish group is. Bring a Spanish/English dictionary and/or a friend if you wish. Enjoy good food with a bunch of friendly people.

    Sunday Spiritualist Service & Fellowship
    5-27-18 11:00 am - Church of the Guiding Light
    Guiding Light Spiritualist Church

    Services include an opening prayer after which our Healing Guides provide healing to all in need. Then, Main Church Guide Joe provides a talk that is filled with teachings, humor, and enlightenment. Services are concluded with demonstrations of...

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