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    Sunday D&D (5e): Curse of Strahd

    Columbus Tabletop Networking

    This will be a weekly recurring campaign for Curse of Strahd. We are currently looking to add players. This game is also open to new players wanting to learn (I only ask you have a 5th edition Player's Handbook).

    Afternoon Tea at Asterisk Supper Club

    Columbus Tea Lovers

    Let's get together and try a new restaurant!The Asterisk Supper Club opened in 2016 and is located in Westerville. It serves tea, food, and very strong cocktails! I'd like to get together here to try out the tea. They serve a variety of teas:...

    Meet & Eat | Senegalese Edition

    Meet & Eat by Oyster World

    ONLY 25 SPOTS -- Tucked away on Morse road is this gem. Let's meet, laugh, and fill our bellies with Thieboudienne. VEGGIE FRIENDLY! 

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