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    Agile Lunchbox: Agile Estimation - Eliminate the Muda (waste)

    TechLife Columbus

    You voted, we listened. Abstract Estimating Agile work can be hard.  So hard that some teams just don't do it, or estimate in hours.  We will talk about those choices, the #NoEstimates movement and other techniques, options and pitfalls in this...

    Because I said I would Columbus' Monthly Meetup

    because I said I would. Columbus

    Important Note: We will be meeting at a new library branch for July's Meetup! We will be at the Columbus Metropolitan Library- Northern Lights Branch located on Cleveland Ave. The Meetup wil be in Meeting Rooms 1,2 and 3. Signs will be located...

    Locomotion in VR

    VR Columbus

    Locomotion in VR is hard. As creators we are challenged by many problems... How do you map infinite motion into a finite space? How do you provide a way for your user to traverse the environment easily? What are the best ways to have someone move...

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