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    Multi-Purpose Trail Hike at Sharon Woods.

    Let's Walk!

    We will be walking the Multi-Purpose Trail. It is 3.8 miles long. The trail is paved and there are some slight inclines. Bikes are allowed on this trail, but there are designated lanes. I am able to walk the trail myself in about an hour and ten...

    B.O.T.A. Columbus Qabalah and Tarot discussion

    B.O.T.A. Columbus Qabalah & Tarot

    NOTE: From 10:00 am to 10:30 am is time to set-up and chat, but please be ready to start the meeting PROMPTLY at 10:30 am. Thank You. In this study group meeting, we will be discussing the Hebrew letter "Nun", one of the single letters, and Key...

    Don Tequila, formerly Rancho Alegre

    The Columbus Spanish Language Meetup

    Ask the host/hostess where the Spanish group is. Bring a Spanish/English dictionary and/or a friend if you wish. Enjoy good food with a bunch of friendly people.

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