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Sidney Huck


5 ErikaBorbon

We bought our first home in columbus ohio and Sid was a blessing. He helped us with everything, answered every question right way. He have also helped my extended family with their buying process. Hopefully, soon he will help us with our next one. We love Sid:)! Thanks

5 badandy400

My wife and I hired Sid Huck after interviewing a few other agents in 2011. He was more personable than the other agents. He was able to have a general vision of what we wanted more so than the other agents.

He drove us to more than 80 homes north of Columbus, many of which were nice homes. He introduced us to a few local builders and had other ideas for us to consider. We wanted a house outside of town and it is very hard to find the balance of location, lot size, lot features, price, and house features. We wanted the goldilocks. Outside of town the houses are all very different and we wanted more than simply a quarter acre. Sid was very patient with us in the many months we were searching. Ultimately we bought a house we visited on the very first day of looking. A price drop put it into reconsideration.

Sid was very knowledgeable and made it a point to show us potential issues with a house, such as basement walls that will need reenforced, electrical and sagging roofs. When the home inspections were done there were no surprises. He even had a contractor meet us at a house that would be a rehab just so we could have that input as well.

My only complaint about Sid is that he texts and looks at maps while driving. It felt very unsafe. I hope he as stopped doing this. Please get a GPS and wait until car is stopped to respond to messages!

Sid is a great agent and he earned his commission. On this review it has asked if I would recommend him to others. Yes I would. I have to several local people actually. If we were to want to search for a new home in the area I would not even bother calling anyone else. Agents who are willing to point out issues with a house are worth their weight in gold. My parents had an agent who would have had no issue selling them a house with roaches and 3 feet from a sink hole just to get a quick commission.

5 phillybug5

Sid was wonderful to work with. He showed us a wide variety of homes and made sure to point out any problems he perceived. He drove us around and tried to get to know us and our wants and needs to find us a great house and area. We bought from a very difficult seller and listing agent. Sid went above and beyond to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible and everything that needed to get done would get done. I can’t recommend Sid enough and will be passing out his information to anyone I know looking to buy.

5 trackgirlee15

Sid helped me years ago to purchase my first home. Sid always contacted me within minutes of new Homes on the market! We looked at what seemed like 1,000 houses… we were super picky until we finally found the house we can’t wait to call home forever!

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